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Links is a mobile-first Webflow template that acts as a hub to all the links to your projects, articles & more. Social media only lets you add one link. Links lets you add as many as you need.
With 16 pre-made layouts & dozens of copy-&-paste components, you can quickly build a page that is exactly what you want.

How to change typography

Links uses two fonts by default. Fraunces for the headings (h1-h5) & Poppins for the body font.
To change a font, add your font(s) in the Font section of the project settings, then select the body element > Body All Page > Change the font under 'Typography'.
Screenshot showing you how to change fonts with the Body All Pages tag.
For the headings, you'll need to select each heading level individually and change the font used for each 'All H{x} Headings`.
For example, to change all the H1 headings, select a h1 element, select All H1 Headings in the dropdown, then change the font under the typography styles.
A screenshot showing how to change the typography for All H1 Headings elements.
Visit the Style Guide page for easy access to all headings & typography elements.

How to change colors

If you look at the Style Guide page, you'll see that the Links template uses a series of colors, set as global swatches that are applied to various elements throughout the sites.
To update the colors to match your brand, simply select an element using the color you want to update, click Edit Swatch, change the color and click save.
A screenshot showing two color panels inside the Webflow Designer.

How to customize a page layout

How to remove horizontal scroll bar on the sliders

You can remove the horizontal scroll bar on the Slider Components using some custom CSS.
A screenshot of custom CSS to remove horizontal scroll bar.
Just place the CSS before the closing </style> tag in the Custom Code section in the project settings.
You can copy the custom css to remove the horizontal slider bar here.

The Slider Component

The Card Components

The List Components

The Social Media Components

Still have questions?

No problem! You can refer to Webflow University's huge library of helpful videos and documentation, or reach out to me via the template support page.